Your Domain Name is About to Expire! Email Scam

Jan 17, 2018 | Web

If you ever get an email that tells you to renew your domain, tread carefully. A lot of these emails are scams meant to really have you transfer your domain name over to another register or sell you on services you don’t need. Often these scams involve trying to sell you additional domains that are slightly different then the one you own. This could lead you into spending money for nothing, which is why it’s important to follow these tips so you don’t get fooled.

Don’t Click on Any Links

Why’ll it seems easy enough to just not click on any suspicious emails, there are still thousands of U.S. citizens who click on these scams every year, so you can never be too careful. Typically these emails will show up saying “Domain Registration” and will warn you that your domain is about to expire. Do not click on the link they provide you, as it will take you straight to their payment center and ask you to pay a certain amount in order to “renew” or your domain. Clicking only increases the chance that you will receive further spam emails that could keep filling up your inbox.

Contacts in Domain

Make sure that all of the contacts that are connected to the domains are educated on expiration dates and are current personnel with your company. This way others who might have control over your domains will know what to expect from these scams. Scammers will send the emails to these contacts, so the more they know about their tricks the easier it will be for them to ignore and delete the emails.

Check Your Expiration Date

If you think your domain actually will be expiring, check the expiration date from your domain’s registrar. This way you can see if you are on a auto-renew plan and check if your payment information is accurate. If this all checks out, you’ll have some peace of mind knowing your domain is still active and those emails are just spam.

Check Auto Renew

The easiest way to have confidence that your domain name is safe from expiration is to just check the auto renew option in your registrar’s account. This way you never have to worry about it.