Your Brand Choice Doesn’t Make You a Hero

Nov 6, 2015 | Other

Are you and Apple or an Android user? Oh, you’re an android user. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that? I had no idea that you were a miserable sweat-stain on the armpit of humanity. Me? I’m an iPhone user. I think different. Just like the other 45 million iPhone users in the U.S. We’re all square pegs in round holes. We’re all essentially Steve Jobs. We’re creators. Innovators. Educators. We’re the leaders of the intellectual and technological world. I definitely don’t spend my weekends watching Rick & Morty while eating cookies off my bare stomach. Nope. I definitely don’t do that.

If you’re an Android user, and you’re still with me, thank you. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of this drivel. I don’t care whether you use Apple or Android, but don’t be a jerk about the brand you prefer. Your brand preference doesn’t really say anything about you other than “I like their products.” You’re not a master photographer because you buy from Canon. You’re not stylish because you shop at H&M. You’re not a writer because you scroll through your Macbook at a Starbucks. You are just another customer who bought yourself into the herd with the rest of the sheep, herded by ad agencies.

I get so frustrated by brands falling into the same gimmick over and over again. Whether it was Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, or HTC’s Be Brilliant campaign, which started this week. Check out their latest video. It’s the worst.

God, I hate it. Some casual looking guy “boldly” escaping the mundane and tedious life that has been forced upon society has become one of the biggest tropes in advertising (Oh, and a close up on a stack of apples? Very brave HTC). Here’s another video, this one from Taco Bell.

Wow, look at that good-looking couple. They sure are trendy with their hard stance on BREAKFAST! I can’t take these commercials anymore. You’re not brave for not having an iPhone, and you’re not an outsider for choosing breakfast burritos over McGriddles (but you are an idiot though. McGriddles are the bomb). Your brand choices are just preferences that make your life easier, not bold statements against the opposition.