You’re Wasting Money on Traditional Marketing

Feb 3, 2016 | Marketing

You heard me. You, Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner, are wasting your hard-earned money on traditional marketing. When that ad agency told you to invest in that billboard by the highway, what they were really telling you was to take a couple thousand dollars, douse it with gasoline (which you also had to pay for), and then set your pile of money ablaze. When you paid that radio station to air your ad, you actually took all of that money that could have been used to pay your employees a nice bonus or donated to a charity, and you flushed it down the toilet. And…oh God! Don’t tell me you invested in a newspaper ad! When was the last time you even read a newspaper?

My point is, there are better marketing avenues than what traditional marketing has to offer. Avenues that not only reach a wide audience, but actually let you track how many people are viewing your advertisements. If you really want to know how many people see and respond to your advertising, you need to invest in digital marketing. New marketing avenues like mobile apps and social media management offer a wide audience with trackable metrics that can be correlated to ROI. Just look at this recent study that we did with one of our clients. You can see that there is a correlation between our paid campaign and a 20% increase in sales. While I’m aware that correlation does not equal causation, it should be noted that social media was the only platform in which this campaign took place, increasing the likelihood that it was our campaign that generated this boost in sales.

So take your ad budget out of billboards, radio, and print marketing. If you don’t, you’ll get swept away by the companies that wisely invest in digital marketing.