Year in Search – A Look back at 2022’s Top Searches in Grand Rapids Michigan

Dec 30, 2022 | Industry News, SEO

At the end of every year Google puts out a Year in Search review. Highlighting the search trends of everyone who types a query into Google’s search engine over the past year.

Grand Rapids

The report has broken up my country and city, here is the link for Top trending in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Take a minute and enjoy seeing what Grand Rapids searched for more than any other part of the country. No wonder we search about the weather and closing.

United States

The report for the United States can be found here: Year in Search 2022. 2022 search results were dominated by Election Results, Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, and Wordle. Politics, War, History, and a Game.

Google has become a household name, the term “Just google it” can be heard everywhere. Americans turn to google for many of life’s questions. Things as simple as “Tire Shops Near Me” to “How to Deal with Depression”.


As a marketing and development company we realize the power of search engines and encourage every business to take their SEO seriously. Make sure your business or service can be found when people need to find you. Make 2023 a year of SEO. Invest is a solid strategy, be patient, and watch your search presence rise.

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