Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Aug 8, 2018 | Web

Humanizes your brand

Showing the personal side of your business can be a great way to show people you’re a caring company that are driven to help and create amazing things for your customers. With consistent blog posts, you can reach out to customers and express these feelings, making them feel like they have a direct line into your company and they are part of the team.

Supports your new ideas

A blog can be a great way to spread the news of your company to consumers and keep them up-to-date on what is going on with you. Whenever you have a new product to send out or a big new announcement to unveil to the masses, a simple blo

g post can be sent out to your subscribers that will let them know what your doing. This can potentially create a lot of traction for your company that makes advertising and sharing your news easy.

New Content Helps

It’s always great to have fresh new content on your site that keeps you active and topical in the world today. Having a blog that always touches on the latest trending subjects and what your company is doing can keep you in-touch with the business world as well as letting your customers know your still relevant. This can also help with your Google search ranking, as Google always loves websites that have new content and that are consistently updating.