What is Whois Privacy and Why Do I Need it?

Mar 14, 2018 | Web

When you register your domain through the Whois database it will collect information from your site, like your name and phone number, and keep it in a public record for registrars to use. This can be problematic for those that want to keep their sites info secure, which leads too many purchasing (for just $10 per year) privacy controls from the database. Whois privacy can have many benefits for those that want peace of mind when registering their site, so this post can tell you just a few of the pros for purchasing this security.

Reducing Identity Theft

Whois Privacy allows for you to keep your domain secure from those looking to hack into your site and control information that is presented. The privacy settings from Whois allow for a significantly reduced chance of these hacks from happening so you can be sure your site is safe from harm.

Hiding Website Ownership

If you don’t want your own private information (like your name, phone number or address) directly tied to your site, Whois privacy can allow you to hide this information from public viewers so your information is secure and invisible from the public eye.

Reduces Spam

When your information is public, many online marketers will try and reach out to you with their own deals for website additions and their own security platforms. This can create a lot of spam with deal offers and sales pitches that will overload your inbox for as long as this information is public. Whois privacy can halt this flood of spam and keep you safe from any shady deals or links that could cause problems for your site.