What Is Great App Design?

Aug 4, 2015 | App

What exactly is great app design? A mobile app is a tool that makes life easier. At Grand Apps, we work with businesses and help make their businesses work with customers through mobile apps.

So we must think about what is great app design. What is a design that will easily allow users access to the information they want and need from that business.

We develop and change our platform all the time. Recently we came out with our biggest feature upgrade to our source code and made a newer modern layout that is great for users. We wanted to show you some of our app design that makes Grand Apps so great.

Modern Design – Menus

When you browse web pages today, you might notice a “menu” on the top left or right of the screen. Menus are a way to easily navigate through your application or web page and filter information. Our mobile app platform just launched this modern layout with a “more” button in the top left corner for users to filter through information.

When they click on the “more” button, they will be taken to the page with more features. From there, users can click on whatever feature they want and be taken to that information.

This gives users fast access with the click of 2 buttons to what they want. This is what people want and expect from app U/I in 2015. They need it now and want it quickly.

Useful Features – Integrate W/ Phone

If you have ever developed (or tried too) a mobile app for iTunes, you will know just how strict this process can be. One big factor they’re so strict is because they want useful apps in their marketplace, so majority of the junk apps will not be approved. (Grand Apps has a 100% approval rate). If our apps get rejected, we abide by the requests and adjust to get approval.

Apple is looking for useful features that will integrate with the users device (iPhone). For example, they want you to be able to access photos, use the camera, turn on GPS, etc. When users are using the phone and mobile apps in one synergy, this is a very ideal app. The features must also provide value for that app user and somehow make a function of their life easier.

Wrapping It Up

So we love simplicity. Great app design is pretty simple. Just offer awesome modern U/I for users and make the apps useful…there is no secret.

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