What Is Grand Web?

Sep 2, 2015 | Grandapps News, Web

When you think about Grand Apps, what do you think of? You probably think about mobile apps as apps is in our name. Well, if you thought that…you would be right. Next brings up Grand Web. What do you think of now? You probably think about websites or something internet related.

So what is Grand Web?

Quick Story

We started Grand Apps in 2011 with a mission to help small businesses with mobile marketing. Too many huge companies were charging an arm & a leg for app development. Seriously, check out this website to see average prices. (We did this with everything we offered & it was $120,000).

After helping business owner after business owner with affordable mobile app marketing, they wanted us to build them a new website to match their awesome mobile app. Of course we could build websites, but it wasn’t what we sought out to do from day one. We found this new opportunity as a fun new avenue to help businesses out with marketing so we started designing their sites.

Before we knew it, we built over 100 websites for clients & had a strong reputation as being the go to for website creation locally. We started to scale globally and launched a new brand under Grand Apps.

You guessed it…it was named Grand Web.

Grand Web

So essentially that is the history of Grand Web. We developer websites, design websites, code websites, you name it. We just really love helping business owners succeed & compete with other businesses to be honest. Nothing brings more joy to hear clients success stories about how their apps & websites are generating money for them. We love being able to say we have solid tools that show trackable ROI. Not many companies can claim that.

So checkout Grand Web and our new look. Check out some of the clients we worked for & our portfolio.

Thank you for all the support & please do not hesitate to reach out to us.