Wendy’s Is Roasting People On Twitter 🔥

Jan 4, 2017 | Marketing, Social

Wendy’s is taking over Twitter by Roasting people. No, no…people are actually beginning them to roast them. It all began with a simple roast by someone claiming Wendy’s freezes their patties, when in reply they crushed them with a short witty post. Since then, they’ve let loose. Below are some awesome replies.

This can be a risky move on behalf of a large brand. They are actively insulting people publicly that could easily offend others, but in this case it’s not. It is ironic when brands do something they think is “good” and turns into a nightmare and when brands do something “not good” and turns into success. It’s honestly what the market is accepting at this time. We can almost promise they didn’t plan this strategy, sometimes the best PR / Marketing can happen organically, and this is a great case.