Website Security Suggestions

Apr 4, 2018 | Web

Keep refreshing updates

While it can be easy to just hit “try again later” on all the software update notifications that come on your screen, they are important for your website security. The longer you go without updating, the more risk you put yourself that holes can be found by potential hackers looking to get access and messing with your site.

Keep Backups in Secure Locations

This might sound like an obvious one, but you should always remember to keep backups of your website whenever you’re making updates or transferring any type of file in and out of your site. Worse than having no backup though is storing them in a public directory or anywhere that can be easily accessed. Unpatched backups can be a major security risk as they are open to tampering and could result in someone stealing your information from your previous saved data. Make sure you store your backups in a secure location like a backup plugin or any secure location where you and only people you trust have access.

Limit User Access

No matter who it is, you need to make sure you can trust those that have access to your site. While it can be great to have multiple users come and help you with your backend and frontend development while your building your new website, you also need to make sure you can trust them with your passwords and information you submit on your pages. Make sure that the people your sharing your site with are to telling anybody else how to get into your site because the more that information is spread around, the more risk you take that someone will get the idea to make changes and take data without your knowledge.