Ways Your Website Is Driving People Away

May 9, 2018 | Web

Unclear Homepage

When users land on your homepage, they need to be interested enough to stay at least 5 seconds and scroll through to find out more information about you. If your homepage is disjointed and unclear about your company’s services or message, users will quickly exit and leave your site from lack of clarity. Always make your information clear and easy to read the moment someone enters your website so users know exactly what you are all about.

Not Mobile Responsive

With so many people using their phones or other mobile devices to surf the web, websites need to be optimized and be able to run smoothly on browsers connected to these devices. While it may look like your site can be clear and crisp by the way it looks on your desktop, it can appear out of order when it comes to smaller devices if not formatted correctly. Make sure that when you are designing or making edits to your site to check it on your phone first before submitting so it looks neat and clean. If you fail to do this many mobile users will turn away from your site and will likely not be return customers.

No Social Media Links

With social media being one of the biggest ways to get recognized today, having links to your profiles is a must to attract customers to your brand. If those links aren’t present on your website, this might give customers a sign that your living in the past and can’t adapt to new media like other companies. Make sure to clearly highlight your social links on multiple pages of your website.