Video Content Marketing Tips

Jul 11, 2017 | Social

It’s to no surprise that video content marketing is taking over in 2017. It seemed just like yesterday Facebook allowed video on their timeline and soon after videos became dominant in content. We have been doing video for years and have built our brand around video by filming The Grand Apps Show.

We wanted to give a few tips how you can use video in 2017 for your marketing strategy.

Provide value. Not filler content. Provide REAL value.

You must offer some kind of value to your audience to want them to keep coming back. You probably hear this a lot, but are you actually thinking about how to do this? Take The Grand Apps Show for example: We feature local business people on the show to share their story. We offer some inspiration, motivation and allow them to share their stories like never before. Usually our guests are focused on marketing their business, and less focused on selling their story. We wanted to give them a platform to help inspire everyone else.

This is often the main reason people don’t engage with your videos because there is no real value. Take a step back and think like a viewer. Would you want to watch this?

Use Facebook & Boost Videos

If you’re trying to gain exposure to your videos, use Facebook. You can embed a video, pick target areas and define viewer criteria to best match your demographics.

You can spend anywhere from $10 – $100 and reach 2,000 – 25, 000 people. This is way better than other methods of advertising at the moment. You can’t spend $100 on a billboard to reach that many people. Do that many people even listen to radio anymore? Really….do they?

Embed Videos Organically

This is really missed by many people. People think by uploading to YouTube or Vimeo is enough, well it’s not. People don’t want to click then click to watch. People want an easy to consume video, and organic embedding is the best way. We embed all of our GA videos and of course boost them.

Embedded Video Below – See how you need to click a link to play? Super annoying.

You want to be sure that you embed it for the most possibly likelihood of increased viewers.

Also by embedding the video, you can get view counts and engagement counts on Facebook analytics. This can be powerful when tracking metrics to see video performance.

YouTube tracks as well, but it’s just easier on viewers if it’s organic on Facebook.

Summary is…video is becoming king – so do it!

If you can’t do video, our company can help you out. Or go hire someone! Either way, get to it. Lights, camera, action.