Use Your App For Marketing

Sep 11, 2014 | App, Marketing

Apps….tons of features, millions of other apps and businesses are catching on to this new trend.

We wanted to cover using your mobile app for your business in a marketing strategy, not some productivity app for your finances.

We work with hundreds of business owners, showing them the way of mobile and just how beneficial it really is.

Use your app to it’s full power with the Grand Apps app platform!

1. Engage Customers

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, we assume you have received something called a Push Notification if you have downloaded a mobile app.

This is basically a direct message to you through the app. Just think how powerful this can be while trying to engage your customers. A lot of time your Social Media feeds get cluttered with other peoples posts about their terrible night out or their most recent awesome lucky lottery winnings playing Keno last night. Basically your message gets lost unless you pay!

…..So now you are paying $60 per post to hopefully get a few hundred likes. Whopty-Do! Why not invest in a mobile app that will cost you less than Social Media Marketing and the message will be sent directly to users!

2. Track Progress

With our apps, you can see exactly where users are going in your app. For example, you can see how many times people are clicking on what app tab…meaning a certain tab might be great for offering advertisement space to other businesses. This will also help reduce your app cost & increase your revenue. Billions of dollars are being spent on mobile advertisement .

Since you already have hundreds of people coming into your store, get them to download the app, build and audience then run ads to customers in non-annoying ways like adding a slick background image of the ad sponsor. (When we are talking about ads….we don’t mean those annoying pop ups or banner ads) There are better ways to do it! Just contact us today and ask how.

Thanks for the read & best of luck on your next mobile marketing campaign!