Use Livestream To Boost Facebook Engagement

Aug 10, 2015 | Social

Facebook has recently launched a service called livestream for business pages. This service is in rivalrywith Twitter’s Periscope & Meerkat. All three of these services are taking social media & video to the next level. Pretty much you can engage with your social following live. This is the next best thing besides having your loyal customers sitting next to you. These mobile apps and social marketing tools are an awesome way for marketers and businesses to get in front of their customers directly. There are many different ways you can use these streaming services and we wanted to help you out.

First, watch this video showing you how to use Facebook livestream.

Product Promotion

Pretty much you can do a live stream and pitch your product. Let’s say that you’re trying to increase app downloads and push social media followers to your mobile app you just built with Grand Apps (smiley face emoji). You can do a live stream showing users exactly WHY they need to download your app. You can show them the cool features and how they will benefit.


In the video above, we talk about boosting engagement. What we have noticed with social media is the more people talking about you, the higher you get ranked among the news feed. So when you stream live…you can get all of your live viewers to “like, comment & share” as you give them useful content while streaming. This will help boost page engagement and Facebook will see this as people like your content and boost you higher.

First Mover

So you want to jump on this opportunity NOW! Facebook just launched this product last week, so the faster you start streaming, the more market share you can get and more eyeballs on your page.

Stop waiting…start streaming.

Serious, watch this video for tips.