Use App Analytics For In App Marketing

Oct 8, 2014 | Marketing

The Grand Apps analytical system is pretty awesome. If you are a business owner looking for the numbers, then using our apps is what you need!

We have built in an analytics dashboard that will show you returning vs new visitors, plus many other analytic features.

You should use these numbers to determine the next steps for marketing your app to app downloaders.

More Returning

You see that you have a solid 77% of returning app users, crushing new app visitors. This means you have a strong loyalty of people returning to your app. We recommend updating it with fresh content at least one time every other week. People want something new to do and this can easily be done with our app content management system. Keep it fresh and keep them coming back.

More New Visitors

So maybe you have more new visitors over the returning visitors. First time users are all about first impressions. It is crucial to have your app down to perfect, looking amazing. Setup up some Push Notes to go out when people are starting to use / download your app. You can do this with Geo Fenced Push Notes or you can send out messages to all app users.

Track, Plan & Attack

So after you are tracking your app downloads, you must plan some type of campaign that will allow you to see greater results. Maybe you need to focus on generating new downloads or possibly get more people coming back. After you lay out that executive plan, you must attack full force. Put every piece in place and get going!

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