Tracking Delivery Drivers in Real Time

Jul 23, 2021 | App

Where is my pizza?

Using a mobile app for ordering is the perfect solution.

Order Ahead and Pickup

Let customers place an order and pick it up. They can select the time they are want to pick up their order.

Food Delivery and Delivery Drivers

Now you can let your customers see in real time how long before their order is delivered. This give the customers peace of mind and keeps them informed so they can have the table ready for their dinner when it arrives.

YOU, as the restaurant and mobile app owner have more details about deliveries. You can add your delivery drivers as employee users on the app. Then you have the ability to assign them to deliveries and your drivers will get all delivery details directly in the app. You can watch as your drivers take orders to customers and are completed.

Manage Employees with Your App

Now you can also manage all of your employees through the app, not just the delivery drivers.

The App will prompt your employees to clock in when they reach a preset distance from your business. This helps minimize employees forgetting to clock in or out of work. Employees will always have access to their schedules from a tab only they can see. Not sure when they work next? Now they can check from anyplace. Employees can manage their shifts right from the app. Your employees can request time off when needed, or request a shift change, all from the app.

Easy to Use

Our apps are designed to be easy to use for both the customer, the owner, and the employee. Reach out today to see how a mobile app can increase revenue, and make life easier for you as a restaurant owner.