Grand Apps Fulfills Title, Named Amongst Top Michigan App Developers

Jun 3, 2019 | Grandapps News

We started like any great app development company- in a basement in Grand Rapids. Through our hard we have progressed to create over 500 apps and work for Fortune 500 companies. Our in-house developers and designers carry out our vision to create unique apps for our clients. With expertise in mobile app, web, and custom software development, we are equipped with the tools necessary for any project, no matter how big or small. Our work has merited recognition as one of the top app developers in Michigan according to Clutch.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and review firm located in Washington, D.C. Clutch connects service providers to potential clients in a unique and specialized way. Analysts at Clutch assign two scores to each service provider and then rank them based on location and industry. These scores are based on interviews with service provider’s previous clients in order to ensure accurate reviews. The Focus score is based on the success and accomplishments of service providers; the Ability the Deliver score is based on reviews, prices, previous clients, and work experience of service providers. This interview and scoring process is key to Clutch’s ability to deliver valuable clients to service providers. After conducting interviews with our previous clients, Clutch has ranked our company with a score of 4.9. Here are a few quotes from our satisfied clients:

“The Grand Apps team is incredible and works together as well or better than any I’ve witnessed.”- President & CEO, Advertising Service

“They made time in their busy schedule to truly learn about our business.”- Owner, Remodeling Company

“They take responsibility for their work, and they deliver exactly what they promise every time.”- Owner, Fitness Studio

Clutch also has two sister sites which feature our work. The Manifest features summaries, reviews, clients, and prices of vendors while Visual Objects posts portfolios of creative and visual design, and app development companies. The Manifest has listed our company on their site, declaring us one of the top app developers in Grand Rapids. Visual Objects also features our company amongst its directory of app developers.

We are thrilled to be working this Clutch and excited to be connected with more clients in the future. Come by our website to see how we can assist you!