Top 5 WordPress Plugins

May 23, 2018 | Web

1. WP All In-One Migration

It’s always key to make sure you have a backup of your site in case your site has been hacked or any possible other errors that may cause your site to crash. This WordPress plugin allows you to export your website as a file on your computer, keeping your back-up secure on your own device. This way, if something happens to your website, everything you’ve created is on safely stored offline. Better yet, if you want to switch your WordPress site with a different one, the migration tool can safely overwrite an existing website with another one by importing the website file, clean and simple.

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2. WP-Smush Compression

Smush Compression is a great image optimizer that can greatly increase the speed of your website by scaling down your media files and other images on your site without distortion. By re-sizing and crunching down these images, your site will run smoother and faster and will cut all unnecessary that may be slowing you down.

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3. Akismet Anti-Spam

When you have contact forms, a comment section or any other way users can comment on your site, there is a great risk for spam to pop-up that can redirect your users to harmful links and other unwanted data. In order to protect your site from this, Akismet goes through these comments and submissions to track down the spam and filters it out so your site is safe from unwanted material. Akismet checks their global database to mark these intruders and will let you see the unwanted URLs, approved and disapproved comments as well as the comments status history. An API key is required but is free for personal blogs.

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4. SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin for a good reason, as it makes optimizing your site easy even for beginners. Yoast gives you a great layout on what you need to add or cut from each page in order to make it simple for you to fully optimize each page to get higher search results. Yoast takes you step-by-step through your site and will give you advice on whether to display a featured image, add more keywords to your text or cut unwanted material. This is a great tool for anyone who wants full SEO control of their site.

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5. Ninja Forms

If your a beginner on WordPress and are trying to build a contact form, then Ninja forms would be a great addition to your website. Ninja forms allows you to build customizable forms within minutes using the drag-and-drop method and has a lot of great features including no field limitations, ability to add raw html for customization, multiple anti-spam options and other great tools.

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