Dec 19, 2017 | Other

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Really, who cares. Our only question is WHO IS BRINGING THE BOOZE?! We’re having a Christmas party this Friday and figured we’d make a listicle and give you the TOP 5 things our staff said you MUST have at a Christmas party. Grab your party hats, bring your dancing shoes and practice your balance because after all that alcohol, you’ll need it.

Let’s get into it…

1 – Lots of alcohol. Duh.

Let’s be real, alcohol should be number one on the list. We made this list, didn’t even have to check it twice after seeing this as number one. Great pick, Cassie.

2 – Tolerance for lots of alcohol.

Well, looking at number one, this just makes sense to go towards number two because you can’t make THAT big of a fool of yourself in front of your coworkers (Or boss). Very smart pick, Brandon.

3 – Board games – Apples to Apples is a favorite.

A little safe, but hell of a lot of fun! Depending on what game you pick, the night can go either way. Thanks for that pick, Melissa.

4. For a white elephant gift – gigantic posters are funny. Anything trendy, like Spongebob!

So at Grand Apps, we’re doing a White Elephant Gifting party, so picking the perfect gift is a must. Now we know what Melissa is going to bring.

5. A semi-edible dish. Finger food is always fun.

Hey, depending on how much alcohol you have, we think semi-edible is very appropriate for this number 5 spot. Let’s face it, chugging booze all night will leave you a little hungry looking for snacks. Cassie again with the clutch pick.