Top 5 Contact Form Plugins

Oct 10, 2018 | Industry News, Web

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms has incredible features that allows for easy drag-and-drop building that can make contact forms look great anywhere on your site. With modules ranging from basic contact information to recaptcha and other great HTML features, Ninja Forms makes building, formatting, and placing forms easier than ever. This a simple plugin that makes great forms and is easy to figure out no matter your skill level with WordPress.


WP-Forms is a great plugin for customers who want to make forms with ease. It includes a drag-and-drop feature that makes creating your contact forms incredibly easy and quick. Pre-built templates can also help you get a specific form quickly without any building at all, allowing customizing and getting the content you need easier than ever.

Caldera Forms

Like Ninja Forms, Caldera is a feature-rich plugins that has plenty of options for users that want to create extensive and specific forms that will cater to their site. It allows users to split columns and rows in order to fully customize and place all the modules they want in their form. Caldera also gives a drag-and-drop feature that lets builders easily place their modules anywhere in the forms, making it easy for anyone to build a form. One thing that differs it from the competing plugins is that Caldera allows for easy placement within any HTML or CSS theme, making it even quicker to insert or delete your form from the site. While Ninja Forms has this feature, Caldera can be inserted through a one-click button that will appear in your builder once you download this fantastic plugin.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a great plugin to work with, as they make building forms pretty easy with basic features that will let any novice at creating forms fee like an expert. This plugin also works incredibly well with HTML, but it can be difficult to change the structure of the form, and even harder to change it back once manipulated. Nevertheless, Contact Form 7 is a great way to make simple forms that will fight right on your homescreen or contact page if you want quick sign-up sheets.

Gravity Forms

With over a million downloads, Gravity Forms features a builder which enables users to quickly build and design WordPress forms. Gravity Forms has a great notification system that can easily organize your incoming submissions so you don’t have to worry! It’s great for those that want real customizable forms that can allow for incredible designs, perfect for the creative types looking for great looking forms. Compared to most of the other plugins, Gravity is one of the most customizable forms that can allow for a lot of great features to be included.