Top 3 Keys To Success

Jun 22, 2017 | Other

We brought back the Grand Apps show recently and you can find all the episodes here. So during the show, Chris Ake, our host will ask our guests what are their keys to success and we wanted to share a few with you right now.

1. Get out of your comfort zone. – Kendall Hines (episode 25)

Kendall was talking about the importance of getting outside of your comfort zone and changing your mindset completely. He was never the true go getter he is now, but he woke up one day and decided to change that. Step outside of your comfort zone daily and make some moves!

2. Self improvement is key. – Jimmy Le (episode 24)

Jimmy was a big believer in working on yourself, always. You must always be progressing in your path and becoming the best version of you because nobody will help you get there. Get a mentor, read a book, work on yourself everyday.

3. Innovative marketing is important. – Nicole Flier (episode 26)

Nicole was giving some advice on how she markets her business on Instagram. Oh, BTW, you can follow her here.

She closed down almost $1,000 in 2 days using IG and if you watch episode 26, you can learn how to do the same!

All great minds united and these awesome guests brought on some knowledge to share. Check out the show and let us know what you think.

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