Top 10 Apps Women Use

Apr 4, 2019 | App

There are roughly 3.73 billion women on this planet and these are the top 10 apps they use.

If you haven’t heard of YouGov yet, go try it out. It’s a pretty fun tool that has a worldly rating system on everything from app use by gender to celebrity popularity.

This list is the most up to date and current top 10 apps that women are using.

You ever have an app idea and wonder what does it cost? Well now you can find out!

1 – Google Maps

Don’t gasp, we were surprised too. Over apple maps?! But really, Android is a more worldly dominant platform so that makes sense.

Can you remember the times before any map app? MapQuest anyone? They dropped the innovation ball. We should actually write a list of top software blunders.

2 – Facebook Messanger

And the second most used app by women is Facebook Messenger.

There are 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger according to Mark himself.

What can we say? It’s a handy communication tool. It seems literally half the world is on Facebook, so why not use their messaging platform built right in with one click of a button?

3 – Google Earth

We agree that the most interesting app usage award goes to this one. What are people “earthing”? Isn’t Maps enough?!

4 – App Store

Shouldn’t the app store be the most used because you need to download the apps in the first place? They are likely counting returns and daily usage statistics to get their findings.

5 – iTunes

Apple is winning with a back to back usage win here! Good for you Apple. The world loves music and apparently women love it as a top 5 app to use.

6 – Instagram

Don’t worry, Instagram DID make top 10! We knew you were sweating a little wondering if it would crack the top 10 list, while you just checked your latest DM.

7 – FaceTime

It’s now becoming very apparent that Apple, Google and Facebook have a hold on the most apps currently being used. It’s almost cheating because they automatically download this app to your phone.

But it is super useful. I always wondered why they didn’t make FaceMail? Leave a video message instead of VoiceMail if someone doesn’t pick up.

8 – iHeart Radio

Again with the music! Do you ladies.

9 – Google Drive

Now that all the fun is done and the music has stopped, it’s time to get serious. We absolutely love using Google Drive here at Grand Apps! We are a G Suite company for sure.

10 – Camera App

Ok the work stopped. Close your Google Drive app and let’s take some pics! Instant upload to Instagram and message your friends to like.

What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Comment below.

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