Tips for Successful Snap Chat Filters

Sep 1, 2016 | Other

You’ve probably heard a lot about Snap Chat recently, especially if you’re a marketer. Snap Chat is now allowing any business to sponsor a filter and we have been creating strategies for clients for Q4 2016 and all of 2017. We wanted to share some tips with you on how to build some successful Snap Chat filters.

1. Engaging

They must be engaging, period. Stay away from the boring “company sponsored” filter and push for a creative engagement piece that will want to make customers snap a picture and share with friends and story boards.

This is a good example of an engaging snap chat filter that allows people to wear a football helmet with call to action on the bottom. If you wanted to get even more in depth with “ROI” you could add a “Screenshot this for a special offer” at the bottom.

Our strategy behind this was to post this filter around the Michigan State Stadium from 5pm – 10pm. The first home game kick off is at 7pm and this gave us 2 hours of tailgating for people to snap pictures. It’s the first home game and the East Lansing kids will be having a good time participating in activities while documenting on Snap Chat, so we wanted to grab their attention.

2. Call To Action

Always try to have some type of call to action on the filter. If you wanted to do a special offer, have people screenshot the filter or tag your page on Twitter / Facebook. You could even make your company Snap Chat account and have people send this picture to you as proof / pick a winner.

3. Promotion

You will also want to promote your filter on other social media outlets you have a large audience at. Let them know about your upcoming filter so they can expect it and get excited. Run it on Facebook for $5 over 2 days to grab their attention.