Thinking of getting an app for your restaurant?

May 26, 2022 | App

Great! An app can increase your sales and give you happy customers. But before you do, there are some things you need to consider before you get started. If you take some time and go through these topics it will help you get the most out of your app.

Receiving Online Orders

Most online ordering platforms kick out an email with the order details. This email can be sent to a tablet or a printer. Think of how your business will work this ordering system into your current operations. Also be aware that these systems often come with technical wrinkles that need to be worked out. So be prepared to be patient while the new ordering system is getting settled.

Payment Processing

Online ordering systems might require you to get a new payment processor. Something like Stripe or PayPal will be needed to process credit card payments. Your current system might be able to link to the new ordering platform, but be prepared for the possibility of needing something else.

Menu Updating

With an online ordering system you will have to update pricing and menu items whenever you update your printed menus. This isn’t a huge job, but it can be forgotten.

Tipping and Delivery Fees

Tipping is an available feature, but you will have to request that it be enabled. Delivery fees based on distance are usually calculated by zip code of the delivery address. Be prepared to give a list of zip codes that you will deliver to and at what additional cost. Also be prepared to be flexible, online ordering platforms will have restrictions that you have to work around to accomplish your goals.


Most ordering platforms have places for you to put photos of all your menu items. Images are strongly recommended as users will often select food and drink items first by picture. Be prepared to take good quality photos of all your menu items or have a professional take photographs for you.

Lots of new orders!

Be prepared for a flood of new orders! Remember that this system is new to you and your employees so have patience. Once you get a system in place, sit back and enjoy your new revenue stream.

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