There’s An App For That!

Aug 22, 2014 | App

You can probably assume, we get this question on a daily basis, “Is there an app for that?”. Nine times out of ten, there most certainly is. It can be an app for ordering pizza after your 2am drinking binge, to booking your next dental check up to even placing your prescription early to beat the line.

Basically, apps are supposed to make your lives easier. They are supposed to replace that mundane task you dread doing every week. They are lifes efficiency tools, all powerd on your mobile device.

The Race Is On!

Now we know, as business owners…mobile is simply not an option. People excpect you to have a mobile presence, like a mobile app. Think about your business from a customers shoes for a second…what are the steps from A-Z during the purchase process. Is there any way to make this more simple?

Appoitment Booking

Why not allow customers to book on the fly with a mobile app? It will save your staff time from being off of the phones, increase productivity and they customer is not pressured to make a decision on the spot. They can browse open times & choose at their own free will.

Ordering / Mobile Shopping

Your business could sell items online or sell food. Apps are great for that, and we can certainly have an app for that! This also saves employees time off the phone and helps your business run faster!

Get to the point!

Ok, simply put….you need mobile. Mobile apps will be as what websites are now. If you do not have a website, you will be losing business from online customers. Same goes for mobile. No app = lost mobile customers.

Grand Apps can certainly help out with there! Check out our features we offer small businesses in our mobile app platform.