There’s a GIF Party on Twitter, and You’re Invited

Mar 3, 2016 | Social

Twitter is launching a single-day marketing campaign today known as the #GIFparty. Twitter is encouraging all of their users to post their favorite GIFS, resulting in an enourmous hodgepodge of GIFs flooding Twitter streams. If you’re someone who curates their Twitter to only get great content, this day is for you. Hours, perhaps days of content are going to be posted from some of the most influential people on Twitter. If you’re a marketer, now might be the perfect time to launch a GIF and get your brand national attention.

There will probably be millions of users posting GIFS on Twitter today, and thousands more combing through the #GIFparty feed looking for great content. Don’t sleep on this moment. This could be your brand’s chance to get viral exposure. If you don’t, you will have sit back and watch as your rival brands hog all of that sweet, sweet brand recognition.