The Latest Web Design Trends to Look At

May 16, 2018 | Web

Interesting Fonts

While most stites will want to stick to the usual basic fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman, more sites now are using more experimental fonts to make their website pop. Using new fonts in the headers and on certain subject lines can help draw the user’s eye to the text you want them to read. This change in text can give your website an edge and can make your website a little more interesting in a very simple way.


Animation sliders can be a slick way of introducing certain images and pages to your site that can make it seem new and refreshing compared to other sites, but it’s also important to use it sparingly. Too much animation throughout the site can be distracting and may draw the user away from the true purpose of your site. Making small animation features like clicking between products in your store or the way images pop-in can add that subtle effect that goes a long way.

Custom Illustrations

Adding your own flair to your website can make it more personal and can show the user you put a lot of effort into your site. Designing your own personal images and illustrations can help make yourself stand out among the competition by adding something that only you have. Inserting your own art and features can make you more in-touch with your website, in turn making you more dedicated to make sure your site can be the best it can be.