The Future of Advertising

Apr 8, 2016 | Industry News

Since we started over 5 years ago, we’ve witnessed some emerging trends in advertising. One huge trend was mobile of course and that is the core focus we built our company around. Another big component of advertising is social, a second focus of ours as you may know if you have visited Grand Social recently.

MarketingDive has recently posted an article talking about Native Ads expected to drive $53 billion or revenue by 2020: IHS. You can read the article here.

They have some awesome points in their research, but we wanted to break them down with a Grand Apps view point.

Native Ads

People were racing as fast as they could towards mobile advertising. Everybody wanted to get into the game quickly to grab market share and build some loyal clients with their expertise in mobile marketing. In reality, they had no clue what they were doing. The mobile advertising market came so fast, nobody had time to figure out the best way to engage followers. They would throw up banner ads, pop ups, scroll ups and all other smoke & mirrors to get you to click something.

The social media giant, Facebook if you’re wondering, dropped banner ads from the side buying ads to more native ads. They claimed based upon research, native would be the best money spent for advertisers. We would agree that they seem spot on.

Native ads are taking off and it’s pushing people towards creative content that works with native social platforms on mobile devices. The mystery of mobile marketing was in front of our eyes since day one, social media. If you logically think about it, how upset do you get when you accidentally click a banner ad? That could be the most annoying thing to ever happen on mobile browsing, well besides pop ups. Also you have millions of people on these mobile platforms that are scrolling, scrolling and scrolling.

Advertisers are now creating native content that fills some of that scroll space with content focused around that person. The platforms for social are getting much better at targeting and allowing advertisers to target people with high accuracy.

Mobile Ads

The future of advertising is mobile. That’s no surprise. But the surprise is that it has been in front of our faces since social media launched in app form, creating addicts. The future of mobile ads is not banners that you “click” when on the ESPN app. You’re searching for the masters update, not a Buffalo Wild Wings coupon, although… it is almost lunch time. (Article ends).

Back to our main points.

Advertising is going more native on mobile. When you pair these two together, you can achieve some really awesome results. We’re pretty excited to be in both of these industries as we see tons of value for clients. But as always, when trends emerge and change, so will we.

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