The Forbes Agency Council – What It Means

Nov 9, 2016 | Other

Recently, Grand Apps has been approved by the Forbes Agency Council as an official ad agency in this select group of companies across the globe. We wanted to share what it means with you, our #GrandNation.

Benefit #1: Client Publications & Media Opportunities

Forbes allows all council members the opportunity to publish content on their platform through, which means we can contribute content and feature clients success helping clients gain more exposure nationally. This is great news for clients and we want to showcase to them the power of content on large channels like Forbes.

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Benefit #2: Exclusive Opportunities & Strategies

With this new membership, Grand Apps can now learn from the best agencies across the world by building solid networks with other ad executives and gain deeper industry insight and new strategies that are really helping clients succeed. We’re excited to grow our networks globally, partnering with other top agencies in the world.

This is an awesome milestone for our company and we’re happy to share our journey with you. Thank you for all your support and if you’re curious about how we can help, contact us!