The Fitness Industry: Insight From Two Experts

Jul 17, 2017 | Other

#CheatMeal this or #BeachBod that. It seems that all over Instagram you’re seeing some kind of fitness industry hashtag. Today, The Grand Apps Show featured two industry experts on the show to talk about the fitness industry and we wanted to share it with you.

Our Guests On The Show

We had 2 special guests on the show and we wanted to give you some more context before getting into some of the insight we got from them.

Cristina Capon @cristinacapron


She started her fitness journey four years ago and has been doing social media marketing for over 3 years. She built her business up and is 100% full time with her business. From nothing to something, she worked hard to get to where she is.

Ben Boudro @benbourdro


Ben is no stranger to hard work. He started his journey at a young age and learned a ton. From injured athlete who could never play again to fitness leader / coach, Ben created his own future through continuous effort.

Tip #1: Consistency

This might sound like one of the most overused sayings, but it’s just true. Being consistent is one of the biggest, most practical things you can do in fitness and in business. Too many people quit too soon. We were talking to Cristina and she said that just being consistent is what helped her grow her brand from 1,000 followers to over 450,000 followers on IG.

There are times you want to quit and stop because you’re not seeing results. That is life. Don’t expect to do something one time and see tons of results. When we were building up Grand Apps, it took us over six years to get to a sustainable level of growth. Put in the work. Results come later.

Tip #2: SKIP the fads

This was something that both people were passionate about. Skip the fad diets. Skip the quick results. Skip all of the nonsense. Have you ever heard of fit tea? Well apparently it’s huge right now and it’s just tea. People are cashing in on your beliefs you can get a quick fix.

In fitness and business you need to remain consistent, while understanding it will come eventually. You can’t drink some magic potion and expect it to work immediately. It’s funny because that works in marketing as well. We have clients who get on social and expect immediate results. It just doesn’t work like that. It took us years among years to build content to get to such a reputation people follow us. It just takes time.

Tip #3: Use Social

It’s crazy because every guest we have had on the show has said that social media has been one of the BEST forms of marketing they have done in the past years. Everyone on the show is using it and absolutely killing it. Social seems to be an amazing form of marketing and we have been helping clients with social media marketing for over 4 years now with case study after case study.

If you’re in fitness or any other industry, we encourage you to find a strong social strategy for your business. Don’t fight the trends, use them to your advantage.