The Cost of Uber Apps

Jul 26, 2016 | App, Industry News

The mobile app development gold rush surged in early 2010’s and everyone was trying to create an app. During these times of app development, a few apps really stood out that people would see go viral and then create an idea on how they wanted an app like that. A few come to mind are Angry Birds & Uber. It seemed that everybody wanted a game app to blow up or someone had an “uber idea” of how they could offer ride sharing services for different markets.

Also people don’t really know the cost of development and assume it is $500 to create an Uber like app. We came across an awesome article from that shared a great article about creating an Uber like app.

*Chart from article.

So before looking into development, it might be a great idea to look for resources to fund the project. Also keep in mind support to maintain the mobile app after. This means every time Apple updates their stores you must follow guidelines, same with Google. So be sure to have budgets for support every month.

Hope you enjoy & thanks for the read!