The 80/20 Rule & Mobile Marketing

Dec 14, 2014 | Marketing

Back to Marketing:101. Remember your old college text book in marketing telling you that 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your customers? That holds true majority of the time for small businesses. It is the loyal customers coming in, frequently, that help your business thrive. It is your job to turn those new customers into that loyal twenty percent and we wanted to show you how mobile marketing can help.

App Loyalty Programs

Our mobile apps are packed with tons of features that offer great loyalty rewards for customers like mobile app punch cards, GPS check in specials & QR Code Coupons. These features are an awesome way to give back to your most loyal customers coming in. They have been spending tons of money every month at your business, it is now your turn to give back through a mobile app.

Increase App Downloads

Also, people love incentives. If you offer this, you will get more people to download your app. You will likely even get first time visitors to download your app simply to receive an offer. Then when they leave your store, you will have your business on their phone, in their pockets 24/7. Send them a push message & let them know why they should come back.

Lastly, Customers Expect It

The last point for mobile marketing is that customers are now expecting small businesses to be mobile. Traffic keeps climbing for web search from mobile and people love apps. We have tons of studies & numbers showing this in previous posts but wanted to stress it really is important.

Entrepreneur Magazine actually said that instead of redoing your website, just build an app.

So as you sit around thinking how to better your business for 2015, think mobile apps & Grand Apps. We would love to chat to you today about getting your businesses app started.

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