The “60-20-10-10” LinkedIn Strategy

Jul 31, 2018 | Social

Hey everyone, it’s Chris again and I’m back on the written format with you. I really want to start picking this back up again so figured I would come with some fire since it’s been so long.

Over the past several months, I’ve been heavily posting on LinkedIn and trying new ideas and strategies out. I’ve done everything from delivering a boneheaded rant to making a super post production video and here is what I’ve found to be the best personally.

[60%] – I focused more on starting conversations.

Face it, people are sharing their opinions (very strongly) on all platforms. Some people are producing content that is a direct sales pitch while others are voicing their “high level expert” opinions. I looked at my LinkedIn habits while I was on the platform and realized I wouldn’t contribute to like 90% of that content I just mentioned. I then looked at what I was engaging the most with, and it was more conversational starter pieces of content.

For example, I’ve been really focusing on engaging my entire audience and LinkedIn Community. I only have around 5,000 connections and look how well this piece did.

That is a 344.06% increase from my following base. This post was funny in particular because people were recruiting other people in this thread to come join their jobs.

Tactic: Ask your audience a question that will be easy enough to answer, yet compelling for them to even think twice to do so. Some examples I’ve used.

“Drop what you do below and let’s network with each other!”

“If you could only describe an entrepreneur in one word, it would be: ____________”

“I have 5,000 connections and I’m curious what you think my #1 skill is?”

“What was your first job?”

Try this out and let me know if you find some success with it. It’s been working very well for me and I think it is amazing to get a community engaged and conversing. It creates so much value on both sides.

[20%] – I focus on others successes.

I believe that people have lost sight of what social media actually is, even on the LinkedIn platform. Yes it’s for professional connections but It’s not called SELFISH MEDIA. It’s not all about you, you, you. Yeah, we get it, you sell insurance (no offense to my insurance peeps out there, just first to mind) but people don’t want to hear pitches. People want to share awesome stories with you, and what a better way to do that then celebrating others?

I’m a full fledged entrepreneur and I’m apart of multiple companies currently as active partner. I couldn’t do this without my teams in place or the people behind it all. I love sharing their success stories or even their awesome work they’ve done.

Tactic: Share on LinkedIn others successes. Celebrate others more than just you. Below is a post that I’ve shared recently.

[10%] – I’ll share some of my own announcements & achievements.

At the end of the day, your followers are following you for a reason. One reason could be they’re just really interested in hearing from you. So it’s okay to post about that huge promotion or your new business you started. It’s okay to do a press release or even share that award you one. I’ll mix in some announcements or new programs / offerings here and there from time to time.

This is more of a direct approach, but you can do it where it’s more easy to digest to your community. But with this 10%, try to include and start a conversation with your audience.

Tactic: It’s okay to take that direct approach, just try to start a conversation. Below are some ideas…

“I’m pumped to have won my first ever award! Have you ever been nominated for a business award?”

“I just hit 5,000 followers! How many connections do you have?!”

“We are launching a new program, could you watch this and comment what you think?”

[10%] – I just share my journey & experience through my lens.

This is slightly different from the previous 10%, whereas that previous 10% was a more direct approach. This 10% is a more laid back approach where you just share your journey in your career on LinkedIn. It could really be anything you want to post about! Don’t overthink this one and just remember that social media is about being social and connecting with others.


– Be sure to really focus on starting conversations with your content.

– Think about the purpose of your content & how it will add value to your community.

– Remember, social media is about social & sharing & connecting, not about direct selling.

– Give back thanks to those around you and celebrate your teams.

Here are a little extra thoughts for success on LinkedIn……

– I tried super post production content and that actually got less traction and engagement than quick basic content. Moral of the story everyone, don’t overthink it or think you need to wait for perfect quality. Start now.

– Keep trying until you find something that works for you! I did. I don’t stick to this recipe exactly always, but when I do I see more success than not.

– Lastly, remember to BE YOURSELF. Don’t copy anyone else. This is the biggest trap to unhappiness because you’ll compare. No, just be you always. If you have to, shut down social media consumption and don’t scroll, just only produce and post then close your apps.

I really hope this helps everyone! Add me on social media below.

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