Team Member Success | Brandon Ross

Sep 25, 2015 | Grandapps News

The old saying “hard work pays off” holds true. Grand Apps is happy to announce a new team member highlight in September 2015.

This team member highlight focuses on a new role for a team member who has been with Grand Apps for three years.

Brandon Ross has been promoted and repositioned from Account Manager to Operations Manager. This new role will help propel the continued growth at Grand Apps.

Brandon’s Story ( A TRUE success story)

Brandon started with Grand Apps in last 2012. He worked part time at Grand Apps while waiting tables at a local restaurant. He was hired on full time in 2014 as an account manager, focusing on sales.

Grand Apps was a boot strapped startup, meaning there was no large sum of money invested to hire employees. Everything was funded privately from the original founders of the company. He started working with Grand Apps in our start up phase, meaning the company had limited capital to provide a competitive full time salary, so taking the job was a huge risk for anyone.

Brandon happily accepted the challenge to make something from nothing and joined the startup company. Month after month he performed better and better, while taking on new responsibilities. Over the last 8 months, he really stepped his game up. He started coming into the office two hours early and leaving three hours late. To put that into perspective, that is starting at 7am & working until 8-10pm. Who does that? (top performing, key team members do)

He really believes in Grand Apps and sees the ultimate company vision. Well, as we said before…hard work does pay off. He has been promoted to operations manager and will hold many new responsibilities at the company.

We are proud and happy to have such a great team member working side by side with us to grow our company to it’s full potential. We are also happy to award this individual with new roles & responsibilities. If you are a client, team member, potential client, just know that you have such a hard working individual helping you out.

We salute you, Brandon Ross.