Stop Worrying, Grow Your Business.

Oct 1, 2014 | Industry News

“I’m worried we are loosing business!”

“I’m worried my employees will call off!”

“I’m even worried our marketing is not up to par because we do not have a mobile app from Grand Apps”.

That soothing sound of worry, all of us have it at one point or another. This terrible, worried feeling actually hinders business. It prevents you from thinking with crystal clear vision and allows for more worry to creep in.

We understand worry, coming from a tech start up firm but soon realized…it will all be okay, seriously.

It’s Not Even Here

Too often do we worry about points in our business or lives that have not even happened yet. At the time it seems like a sound worry, but in reality if you really think about it logically, you are worrying about something that has not even happened yet…and if it has happened, it’s the past and we all know we can’t change the past.

Right at this moment you are in between a parallel of two universes. One is the foreverness of the past and the other is the unlimited possibilities of the future. It is silly to worry about such ongoing places and only makes sense to focus on the here and now. Focus on what is going on right now this very second. Focus how you feel. Focus what you’re doing. Focus your thoughts.

Bottom line is if you worry about something that has not already happened, you are taking away your energy to focus on the task at hand, what your business is currently facing. Stop worrying so much & focus.

Tips For Worrying

We all have to face some reality in the present, meaning we will all face something when it comes…good or bad. So when these things do come up and you begin worrying, try this out to see if it helps.

1) Write down every possibility you can think of

2) Think about next steps after realizing the possibilities

3) execute!

Now, next time something comes up for your business, simply write down everything you can think of, what steps to take and then execute. This will equip your business with a plan if that possibility does come up, and you will give yourself less worry, worrying about what to do.

But honestly, if you’re worried about getting your mobile app developed…please stop. You know Grand Apps has you covered! Thank you for the read & remember to worry less & focus more.