Social Media & Generation X

Jan 18, 2017 | Marketing

Generation X, the slightly older, in between, not quite Baby Boomer, Millennial hating generation. To you, we sell you.


But in all reality, here is some good information about marketing to the generation above the youngsters.

The Gen Xers are between ages 37-57. This generation actually has a higher yearly annual income of $12,000 more than their parent Baby Boomers, and that’s adjust for inflation. Although, reports have claimed this generation saves less, making them less wealthy than their older parents.


The average household income is $71,000 and there are 65 million accounted Xers walking around the USA.

Currently this generation is in the “Hectic” phase of life because they’re balancing career and family. They are also at a convenience age where they will spend a little more for comfort. With more income also comes a spending phase in their life as we mentioned earlier they’re less likely to save.

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We looked at Nielsen 2016 report to see how we could market to Generation X on social media and here are some cool stats we found.

  • Average weekly time spent on social media is 6:58 hours, higher than the millennial generation at 6:19.

  • From 2015 to 2016, Gen X spent 29% more time on social media, higher than millennials.

  • 69% of minutes spent on social comes from a mobile device

These next few stats you see are general social media stats from Nielsen.

  • Sunday has the highest activity of social media

  • Clothing is the number one category when it comes to shopping on social media

  • Between 36% – 39% of social users interact with brands to find out about products or services

Here is the Nielsen PDF

Summing It Up


So when you’re marketing to Gen X on social media, understand that video is the most consumed media now, with 50% of respondents watching, which ranks number 4 in activity on social among all users.


Basically Facebook is the new television platform and you can create a short commercial to market to your consumers.


Also understand that the Gen X generation spends currently the most amount of time on social media, providing a huge opportunity to reach them.

Also almost 50% of daily Pintrest users are ages between 30 – 44. Your top two places to reach Generation X is Facebook and Pintrest. Add these to your marketing plans and start producing content!

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