Snapchat and the Future of Mobile Marketing

Feb 15, 2016 | Social

In the last decade, we’ve seen social networks come and go. Myspace dominated the social scene in the early 2000’s, but almost as quickly as it came, it was surpassed by Facebook. In 2011, Google+ was slated to be the social network of choice, but it’s initial exclusivity made the network fall flat on it’s face, cementing Facebook and Twitter’s status as the two dominant networks. Now, as the demand for shorter, easily digestible content has risen, a new contender has emerged for the title of most popular social network. And that contender is Snapchat.

Released in 2011, the picture and video sharing service has seen tremendous growth. In 2016, Snapchat has reached over 7 billion video hits a day. For reference, Facebook hits about 8 billion video hits a day. As we move forward in an age where mobile video is the preferred method of absorbing content, Snapchat makes it incredibly easy to make the moments of your daily life into shareable content. What really sets Snapchat apart is that “snaps” and “stories” are only available for 24-hours, so the silly, dumb things you post won’t stick with you for the rest of your life.

For marketers, Snapchat is the big social network to capitalize on. Using the “Stories” feature allows your followers to see the daily occurrences of your brand. Keeping your followers engaged allows for more brand exposure, and more exposure leads to more ROI. So get on Snapchat now, before the market becomes even more saturated.