Smartphones Over Rocketships

Sep 9, 2015 | Industry News

There are three things that people never leave the house without: keys, wallet, and phone. Our keys start our cars, keep our houses locked, and open UPS boxes when knives are unavailable. Our wallets house our drivers’ licenses, our credit cards, our cash, and for some , social security cards. Keys and wallets have been an integral part of our pockets and purses for decades, but constantly needing your phone on you at all times has only now in the last decade become universal. And we all know why; phones aren’t just phones anymore. Oh sure, they can make calls and you can still text, but phones are so much more than that now. My iPhone has more computing power than the computer that guided Apollo 11. Smartphones now are more powerfl than decade old rocketships. With only a few swipes with my thumbs, I can see photos of my friend in Italy, play a video game with someone in South Korea, and have one of my tweets be seen in countries all over the world.

Our phones are our connection to the world.

Many of us get physically uncomfortable when we don’t have our phones on us. Everyone knows this, especially businesses. In a world where we are constantly connected, businesses can’t afford to keep themselves away from their customers.

That’s why mobile apps are so important to businesses. The greatest aspect of smartphones is constant connectivity.

Being available to your customers anytime and anywhere is essential now, and for a customer to look to be able to just look at their phone screen and see your business’s app next to Facebook and Youtube creates a sense of security for them and prestige for your business.

The bottom-line is that mobile apps are essential in this day in age. With a mobile app, your business can be connected to your customers, market upcoming events and products, and increase your brand awareness. With only a few thumbstrokes, your customers can buy your products or services instead of the competitor’s because your app appears on their screen. Mobile apps are incredible for not only gaining clients, but keeping current ones. In an age where I can order a pizza by tweeting an emoji, there is no reason that a self-respecting business would not have a mobile app.