Should we just get a pizza?

Apr 28, 2021 | App

Virtually all major pizza chains have come out with their own apps to order pizza online without having to call and talk to anyone. Some have gone so far as to make the entire process contactless without ever having to interact with another human at all. Pizza Hut’s Pizza Portal is the best example of this. All you need is to order a pizza using either their website or mobile app. You will be given a ready time, then just show up at the selected location, scan your order code or type in the code on the keypad and the portal will open revealing your hot and ready pizza.

For mom and pop pizza restaurants a large custom app that links to pizza portals is probably out of the budget. But there are options that can help small businesses get online and catch up to the contactless delivery standards. Let’s start with the least expensive options.

Food Ordering Apps

Signing up for services like Grub Hub, Uber Eats, or Door Dash, can be a great way to get some more revenue from online orders. These apps can give you exposure to customers you haven’t reached yet, and generate more business. Apps like these seem to work best in more densely populated areas like cities where people ordering food might not want to drive to pick up their order.

Pizza Specific Food Ordering Apps

Since pizza is different than most other restaurant structures, a few pizza specific food ordering apps have serviced. Slice being the most popular. These apps have platforms that are tailored to the processes of ordering pizza making it very user friendly.

Custom website with Food Ordering

Most website platforms have the ability to expand and add food ordering capabilities. This can be a great option, especially if your business already has a website. A little more work and it could be ready to take orders for you. This is something Grandapps is great at, if you have a website and want to expand it to take food orders, or if you don’t have a website and are interested in having one built, contact us today we would be happy to assist you.

Platform Food Ordering App

A platform app has the ability to order food but will cost a fraction of what a custom app does. A platform app can be a great way for smaller businesses to move into the digital space and let customers place orders for pickup from their mobile device. Contact Grandapps today and we can talk to you about the options and get you a quote for a platform app.