Shake Shack’s Brilliant Move

Feb 22, 2017 | Other

Great move, Shake Shack. If you didn’t know, they just launched a brand new cook book today. Feel free to check it out here to get more information.

This is a very well planned move on Shake Shack and we wanted to applaud them today. In today’s social first, thought leader, book publishing world, what a great move. We can’t think of the last time a restaurant with a huge platform published a book like this.

This is a great concept because they already have an awesome brand that people love and interact with on social media, so they have leverage. Next they used that captive audience to sell them more. Even if they don’t sell them anything more or make a killing on the profits of the book, it’s still brand awareness that will spread throughout many homes in many areas.

This is a great model for many other companies to follow. Number one, garner the attention. Number two, offer something unique & different once you have that attention. We don’t see an Arby’s or McDonald’s recipe book. I bet a lot of companies like Chipotle or Jimmy John’s are wishing they thought about this first.

Great work Shake Shack and we would stop by, but there are none in our area.