Selling to Generation Z

May 2, 2016 | Industry News

Let’s face it, the Generation Z Boomlets are not children anymore, they’re teenagers with technology. Back in the Gen X times, you had to actually drive to a store to buy a product. But today, Gen Z can simply pick up a smartphone and order something off of Amazon and have it delivered within days (if they have Prime, they can overnight it).

Technology is becoming faster and faster and generations are growing up adapting with this tech, creating new buying habits. As a business owner, you need to understand this and adapt…quickly.

$51 billion is spent by this generation every year with an additional $170 billion spent by their parents and family members directly for them.

Here are some tips for selling to the Boomlets.

Tip #1: Go where the attention is.

As a business owner, it’s your duty to market to your demographics and if you’re looking to sell to Gen Z, you need to go where the attention is at. Currently this generation is consumed in the social networks on mobile devices. Snapchat & Instagram are becoming more and more popular among this generation.

Instagram – 400m monthly active users with 40 billion photos shared daily.

Snapchat – 10 billion view views April 2016

Just think about it like this, kids hate being on the same platform as their grandma’s, so when everybody joined the Facebook party, platforms were developed & kids shifted to newer ones that were exclusive to them because they can adapt faster to tech because they’re users to using it.

Soon as you start seeing grandma’s snapping, look for the next up and coming platform that will shift attention for the younger generation.

Tip #2: Be direct with them.

There is so much information out there today surrounding products & services. Chances are that when a Gen Z comes to buy something, they’re probably already ready to buy with their minds made up. Instead of using selling techniques of the past, simply be direct with them. Use less “selling” & more conversation engagement to help push the Boomlet along the sales process.

In the digital world, everybody is selling something. So instead of using outdated marketing tactics, just be upfront with Gen Z and tell them you’re selling them. Then get creative & make some awesome, useful content. We are living in a social world of photo & video sharing, commenting and liking.

Tip #3: Focus on creating content.

Make sure you’re focusing on quality content that is useful for that generation target you’re selling too. Using the previous tip of being direct, create direct quality content about the product / service to share with your target demographic.

Today’s digital world is packed with so much content, so it’s your job to make your content stand out of the noise. Stop post generic fluff & post some real quality with voice. Give them value and help them before asking them to buy, you’ll see way more progress.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, keep up with our blog as we will have more to come.