See How Powerful Facebook Marketing Really Is

Nov 20, 2016 | Marketing, Social

We have a great example of just how powerful marketing can be with Facebook using low budgets and minimal ad spend. Our client, Floor It, started ramping up Facebook content last April 2016, last posting in February 2016. Look at the timeline below and how random the content was.

From early April until now, this account has been posting content regularly and it has paid off. This client does no other form of marketing besides Facebook. Immediately after beginning to post frequent content, this business noticed a huge uptick in website contacts. Check out below the contacts and how spaced out they came in. Then notice April and see how more frequent website leads started to come in.

From September 2015 – February 2016, only 4 leads came in, with one being a test. Soon after the Facebook marketing began, 6 leads came in. This is more leads in 6 months that happened in the matter of weeks. We also looked at the Google Analytics and noticed a bigger uptick in traffic to the website too.

Some people might be a little skeptical still, so we will break down in even more depth some real results of Facebook. Just about a week ago we posted a boosted piece of content that attracted 9 conversions and 1 lead for just $5.

The post was created to target back splashes and letting people know we did this with a call to action link for our contact form. We posted this for $5 on November 13th and ran it for 2 days. The next few screenshots you will see the total amount of money spent, the date of the post and the Google Analytics showing you 9 people clicked the contact URL on the website.

Do you want to see the real magic? Check this out. Someone contacted the website asking for a quote for back splashes on Nov 14th. Based on the ad spend, the Google Analytics and creative for the post, we can attribute this lead direct ROI from Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing.

Yes, It works.

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