ROI In Marketing & What To Change

Aug 11, 2015 | Other

By: Mike Bigari | Account Manager | Grand Apps

I have dealt with a lot of business owners over the last 6 years. All be it I have been in two different industries in that time their questions are still the same “Will I realize that ROI” or “Where is my true ROI”? They should be asking these questions.

I am 36 so I remember when the Internet Started and work with Millennials so I have been exposed! LOL

Now I am in the Marketing industry and Digital Mobile Marketing at that.

The questions are the same however my response has changed dramatically.

How To Judge Traditional Marketing ROI

Many companies have marketed with “Traditional” Marketing. Bill Boards, TV, Radio, News Paper, Junk Mail Coupons..ETC, you get the idea. Many companies keep doing it this way because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

If you say “That’s the way we’ve always done it” those are the most dangerous words in business.

The truth behind all of these marketing efforts they all work to some degree, and that degree is pointing down, FASTER than ever before. There is no real tangible way to judge what you get from traditional marketing unless your customers are mentioning an ad, or bringing in a coupon.

The closest I’ve gotten to true ROI was a business owner and I were talking a few weeks back and he said “I spend $15,000 a year on TV Ad’s and we’re so busy”. I asked how do you know that’s because of TV? He said “I have to assume”. Assume? His food is awesome, I’m sure he’s getting some ROI from his AD’s but nothing that he can physically see.

Billboards are losing ground. I live in Michigan and there is only one Billboard I remember, and it’s because the picture of the Dentist on it is creepy. As for the rest? I am too busy driving, and listening to talk radio.

Radio- sure I hear them, but I am driving so I can’t write down what they’re telling me, which usually translates in me forgetting by the time I reach my destination.

News Paper Ads- We don’t get the news paper any more like many of people. Why would we pay for what I can read for free on my IPad?

Junk Mail- These are the Val Pack, or bunch of coupons in an envelope. We grab what we want and throw the rest away. However this may be the most valuable of the bunch, because I have to open it and go through it, plus customers are bringing the Coupons in.

TV Ad’s- Up until now we have had DVR and always fast forwarded through commercials on TV. Now we are officially Cord Cutters. This number is growing every day, as cable and satellite is out of control expensive.

The truth is everything above isn’t just from me. This is based upon answers from many people from 10 years younger than me to 30 years older than me. 98% felt the way I just described.

Can you really get a tangible ROI from these methods? NO. Even with stimulus growth it doesn’t sustain, unless your product or service is over the top.

Why Digital Marketing and Social Media are on the rise (and are the permanent solution)

Look at the numbers provided by MDG Advertising. 76% of businesses are using social media networking! Now the flip side, 85% aren’t using it to their full potential.

Take for instance Facebook. Everyone know’s it, and the majority are on it. When I like a company, Facebook has an Algorithm that says “Hmmm, if Mike likes this company then his friends will like this company too”. Then they suggest it to my friends. It’s the new age word of mouth/ keeping up with the Jones’s! Truthfully it’s brilliant.

As I think about and even through my study everyone had the same reaction. If my friends or family like a company I am more likely to look at that company too. Plus the brain ninja behind it, when people use Facebook or other Social Media, they’re giving their undivided attention.

When we use Social Media, we aren’t driving, or talking or working. In fact all studies show Social Media Peak Hours are the evening when we’re relaxing.

So what is going to sink in more, an AD on TV that I can’t wait to end so my show will be back on, or the AD that pops up in my News Feed on my social media channel that my friends and family are raving about?

So how do you judge ROI? By like’s and shares, and online reviews. With a Mobile Optimized Website, Mobile APP and a Strong Social Presence, your business will run itself and grow organically. Of coarse you’ll still have to work, and make more $$ doing it!

Ask yourself do you have a Company Profile on: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn? If the answer is no than it’s time to act, not think. You’re losing valuable market share even as you read my awesome article!

Is your Website Mobile Optimized?

With Smartphones outnumbering our population this year alone, it is more important to invest in your “other location” of your business. Your Website, and Social Presence!

This is a location of your business, and says a lot about you! In fact it can be very positive or very negative.

If your Website isn’t mobile optimize you’re losing valuable market share (fast). Google, back in April announced their Mobile Geddon. It’s their answer to a natural way to produce search results.

So If for instance I Google Search “Office Furniture” a list populates, of all the places that sell office furniture. Now with their Hummingbird Algorithm, the list populates top to bottom by ranking if your business has the following: (Keep in mind each ranks you up if you have them, and down if you dont) Mobile Website, App, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest… ETC. Then it ranks things like likes and shares.

Why is this? Look at the stat above. Mobile searches drive immediate action within the first hour 63% of the time. That was as of 2012, that number is over 80% now in 2015. If the consumer can’t navigate your site from their phone, their gone! Not to n

This is for every industry. You can equate “The way we’ve always done it” to my first car. An ’84 Buick Electra that got 7 MPG, it was so comfy to drive. When I started to drive it I paid .88 Cents a gallon, in today’s market it would kill me. Just because it’s comfy doesn’t mean it works as well and is as cost effective to keep driving.

How To Take Action Moving Forward

Call me. At Grand Apps we are the experts, and have the most cost effective products on the market, and our clients have HUGE ROI!