Reviews Are Important, Your App Can Help!

Nov 16, 2014 | Marketing

Reviews for your business are becoming more and more important with your online reputation. We all know that one good experience can go untold, along with thousands more but that one single bad experience can be told on every possibly Social Media review site out there.

We understand reviews are very important and even Google is using strategies to qualify you over competitors based on reviews. The bottom line is you want to increase your positive reviews, handle the negative & manage your online reputation.

Your Mobile App Can Help…

Hear us out. The people who download your mobile app are your most loyal customers. They are the twenty percent who drive constant sales for your business and love you. These are the people who have downloaded your app. So why not take advantage of your happy-loyal customers?

1) Place a Link to Yelp! Or other review sites on your app

2) Send a push message out to everyone asking to review

3) Possibly run a contest that when someone reviews, you’ll award “x” prize

This is a great way to boost a few extra dozen positive reviews on Yelp!, Facebook or Google +.

Try this out today & increase your reviews.