Restaurant Apps, They Work.

Nov 30, 2015 | App

We really don’t even have to get into numbers with you to let you know just how many of your customers are mobile. Next time you’re in your restaurant, just take a look around and see just how many people have their heads down, not staringat their food, but looking at their phones. There is a good chance that majority of them are doing this.

Grand Apps has been developing apps for restaurants for over four years now and working specifically with SMBs. We have helped them boost their sales from nothing to something on mobile. Below we wanted to give some reasons why the restaurant apps work.

1) The Market Is There

As we established in the opening section, the market is there to advertise too. Customers are craving mobile apps and spending massive amounts of time on them. The reason an restaurant app works is because people are already used to using apps. So just picture you launching your app, customers downloading and placing an order. We have hundreds of clients that are doing this and making great returns on their mobile marketing efforts.

See a case study here a client made $117,000+ with a mobile app we built.

If the customers are already mobile, just give them what they want. The market is there.

2) Apps = Efficiency & Cost Effective

Think about this for a second…think about how long an average order takes to place over the phone. Can we guess five minutes? A caller rings in, the employee picks up the phone and they go through the different items and then they order. We understand some calls might go longer or shorter, but the average can be assumed at five minutes.

Now let’s think if you get 1,000 app orders in six months. Let’s take five minutes on the phone times 1,000 orders to get 5,000 minutes on the phone. That is roughly just over 83 hours spent on the phone. That is about 2 forty hour work weeks for one employee if they took orders non stop for five days per week at 40 hours….and you just saved that labor cost with your app.

That is about savings of $830 (saying the employee makes $10/hour) in six months. Double that and you saved over $1,600. This is pretty cost effective & efficient if you ask us.

To see some restaurant app features, click here.

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