Push Notifications Best Practices

Sep 28, 2015 | Other

Bing. Bing. Bing. Alert. Interruption. That was pretty annoying right? Well we want you to remember that when sending out push messages to your app users. If you found just reading that annoying, think about it if you bombard people with an alert all the time or multiple times per day. We wanted to break down what are some best practices for using push notifications for mobile marketing.

Consider Competition

Your customer has downloaded your mobile app to their phone, which is a great accomplishment! You have marketed your app perfectly. Now comes a time for execution when communicating with push notifications. You must keep in mind competition when using your app marketing. When you think about competition, you likely are thinking of direct local competition referring to other businesses in your industry.

When we speak about competition, we are referring to all of the other apps downloaded. When customers have your app downloaded, you are now in competition with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other huge app giants. You don’t want to annoy your user & have them delete your app, and sending out multiple messages per day can do just that.

Look at your smartphone & watch how many times certain apps send out push messages to you. Take note about what you think is “okay” and what is crossing the line. We recommend sending out bi-weekly, that seems to be a sweet spot. (Depending about the content you’re sending).

Content Is Everything

Just like blogging, news articles & other media…content is king. To keep attention of your end consumer, you must provide some useful content. This is especially true in mobile marketing when developing your mobile app.

Try to send out engaging content like funny messages or messages relating to pop culture. Below are two examples of good / bad push messages to send out.

bad – “Beer special tonight. $2 pints”

good – “NASA found water on mars. We serve water. Better yet, we have delicious beer. Mars has nothing on us.”

idea**This idea of “good” is in reference to NASA claiming to find water on mars on September 28th, 2015.

Wrapping It Up

Pretty much you should be sending out some high quality content. Keep in mind to not overdue it! That’s it. Keep it simple.

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