Push Notifications Are Your Friend

Jan 8, 2015 | App

Many of the small businesses using our apps already know the power of Push. We are talking about push notifications & using them to your advantage. Our mobile apps come with the ability to send unlimited push notifications to your customers 24/7. When you really understand more detail about this, you can appreciate it more. Before we jump right into why they are your friend for your small business, we just wanted to explain why they are amazing!

Side Tangent…

So…push notifications. This is a form of direct communication to your customers. Just think about this scenario…your customer is walking down the street thinking about a service similar to yours, but haven’t officially thought about your business. All of a sudden they get a message from you saying hello. Now they start thinking about you more and more, then before you know it they are sitting in your business and spending money with you.

Watch this video about our push notifications & how easy they are to use.

Reason Number 1

The top reason these direct messages are your friend is because you can directly communicate with customers. So many businesses spend massive amounts of dollars per year to get their message out, hoping it reaches customers. As a business owner, you can gauge how many people are accepting your push notes & really see how many people you will reach out to with one single message.

Reason Number 2

We found that push notifications have a much higher open / view rate than email marketing & text message marketing. When people download your app they are essentially saying “I’m your loyal customer who wants to hear more about you”. So these users are more inclined to view & accept your message. Sure they are accepting & signing up for your emails and texts, but we found people just like push notes better.

Getting Started!

So if you are sitting around thinking you need to get started, you know where to find us. We can go over more ideas & strategies that will help you get better view rates on your messages.