Push Notes: Great For Customers

May 26, 2015 | App

Push notifications are an amazing tool for small businesses looking for effective ways of communicating with customers. But, these push notes are also great for customers and here are some quick reasons why.

Gotta Know

Your most loyal customers love staying updated with your business. They follow your social feeds, subscribe to your mailing list & are not starting to download your app. These loyal customers are coming to your business all the time, spending money with you…and they love it. They need to know what is going on with you and push notifications are a great way to relay this message to them. Hop on the app platform, send out a push message and chat with your customers. They will love it!

Keep It Personal

Push notes are awesome for getting more personal with your customers when marketing your message. A reason Social Media was a huge hit was because you could talk with your customers faster & really interact with them. But now that Social Media has become so saturated & businesses are creating pages after pages for their businesses, your post gets sent to the bottom of your followers pages. You also must pay to play and spend tons of money with social media to be relevant. But with push notes, you can now communicate with customers on a personal level & bypass Social Media half the time.

Getting Started

If you want to learn more about our push notes, watch this video here

Feel free to email us today to ask us more questions about push notes & using them properly, we are more than happy to help 🙂