Promote Your App | Grand Apps Marketing Help

Jan 20, 2015 | Marketing

Businesses everywhere are going mobile, but just going mobile & getting an app developed is only the start. After this, it is required that you promote your app to your customers and get them to download it.

This article wanted to help out with your mobile app marketing efforts.


Let’s face reality, your most loyal customers are going to make up the majority of your downloads. So, offer some kind of incentives to get new customers on your app.

Maybe offer some special app only offer like “Free “X” with the download of our app. Have them download it right in your store & validate the offer.

Social Sharing

Grand Apps builds tons of useful features with social sharing integrations that make sharing the app across social platforms easy. Ask us how to add these features & we can help. Also send out push messages to customers letting them know how to share your app on their social channels. If people love your brand, they will help spread the word.

Lastly, Direct Messaging

If you don’t know by now, our apps come with UNLIMITED PUSH MESSAGES. Watch this video to see more. But you heard it right, unlimited. You can directly send out messages to your customers and really start promoting your app. Your loyal customers will love to hear from you about new offers & your business. Send them a message today!