Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Aug 22, 2018 | Industry News

What is a PWA?

A Progressive web app is a web page or website that can offer the features of both a website and a application, which can include push notifications, offline functionality and can work in multiple browsers. They create a page or site that can give users the best of both worlds between website and app functionality, creating a more responsive site that blends the best qualities of both platforms.

How are they better?

PWA’s have the ability to load faster and be more reliable than standard pages by putting the developer in charge of the cache system. This way, developers can pre-cache key resources that allow for faster speeds, less dependence on networks, and an overall more reliable experience.

Should I have one?

While PWA’s are relatively new and do have some problems with cross browser support and HTML5 functionality, they are certainly a big part of the future of apps. While they won’t kill native apps, PWA’s have the potential to combine the greatest parts of websites and apps to create something incredibly functional and efficient for the always growing online community. If you want to have something that can allow your users to have a reliable and easy experience browsing your online material, then Progressive Web Apps may be your answer.